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ZAO Karelstroimechanization works in all the segments of the building market of Karelia and beyond the Republic: raises dwelling houses, industrial complexes, commercial real estate property and social infrastructure facilities, takes part in reconstruction of hydraulic works, lays engineering services as well as motor- and railroads.

Residential housing

Understanding the significancy of the housing problem for the Republic Karelia as well as for the Russian Federation in whole, ZAO Karelstroimechanization annually increases the sizes of house building thereby supporting the implementation of the national project “Available and comfortable dwelling” in the region.

It ought to be noted that the company offers various variants of modern housing on the market of house construction: design-built multifamily housing, socially orientated large scale housing estates, low-rise cottage building.

During 2007-2011 according to the strategic development plan ZAO Karelstroimechanization will built around 200 000 m2 of residential space in Petrozavodsk and in the districts of Republic Karelia. The main part will be designed in precast and cast-in-situ form which will allow reducing the cost price and the time of construction. For the purposes of implementing housing goals ZAO Karelstroimechanization in 2007 brought into service an own concrete products plant. This production will assure regular supplies of high quality composite constructions to the Company’s building sites.

In the current year ZAO Karelstroimechanization will move forward in the housing scheme for the residential community “Drevlyanka-5”. It is the biggest housing project in our Republic since the 80’s of the past century – the total housing area will be more than 100 thousand m2. The residential community will be provided with a well-developed infrastructure: a kindergarten, a school, a hypermarket, commercial real estate property, underground parkings etc.

Besides, currently there are several projects in progress such as the development of the Varkaus embankment in Petrozavodsk – 28 000 m2, a housing estate in Kostomuksha, Republic Karelia – 24 000 m2.

Transport construction

ZAO Karelstroimechanization is an active participant in the building and reconstruction of the transport infrastructure in the Republic Karelia and beyond its borders: hydraulic works, auto- and railroads.

The cooperation between ZAO Karelstroimechanization and OAO Russian railroads has been lasting for 14 years already. The Company has taken part in construction of the railroad Ledmozero-Kochkoma, electrification of the section Idel-Svir of Oktyabrskaya railroad. The quality of the performed services and strict observance of treaty commitments has never drawn any complaints from the clients. Today the Company takes part in the implementation of the project on the complex reconstruction of the railroad section Mga-Gatchina-Weimar-Ivangorod and the railroad approaches on the south side of the Gulf of Finland.

Particular attention in the company’s stock of orders is given to the facilities of the White Sea-Baltic channel. A successful reconstruction of sluices # 10 and 11 of the channel, the handover of the state commission facility on schedule and without objections proved that the Company is capable of solving major projects of national importance. Later a reconstruction contract was signed regarding an important nature conservation object of North Karelia – the spillway dam # 21 of the White Sea-Baltic channel.

Drawing on the accumulated experience, ZAO Karelstroimechanization successfully implemented the project on rebuilding of the sluice # 6 and the dam # 6 of the Severo-Dvinskaya sluice system (Vologodskaya region).

The motorroad Kochkoma-Tiksha-Ledmozero-Kostomuksha-State is one of the recent facilities. For the Republic Karelia this highway is the main traffic artery interconnecting central districts of the republic and providing outlet to the “Kola” highway for Kostomuksha and the Northern territories of Finland.

Industrial construction

ZAO Karelstroimechanization has a wealth of experience in this line of activity, participates in construction of industrial facilities for more than 40 years. There is practically not one building or construction in the Republic which had not been raised by the efforts of the Company’s workers.

Within the recent years the construction of the woodworking complex in Kostomuksha (by order of OOO Swedwood-Karelia – representative of the Swedish concern IKEA) has become of particular importance. The woodworking complex includes: a saw mill, a furniture componentry plant and a furniture factory which is to become a first-rate table-manufacturing plant in Europe.

In 2007 ZAO Karelstroimechanization put into operation an own concrete products plant. This enterprise is supplied with the most modern manufacturing equipment which allows to produce 12-18 thousand m3 precast concrete of a wide range and 35 thousand m3 of ready-mixed concrete per year.

Construction of social and cultural designation facilities

Besides large-scale housing construction and building of industrial and transport facilities the company raises and reconstructs social and cultural designation facilities, such as rural outpatient clinics, homes for elderly, orphanages, school boarding houses, schools. The experts from ZAO «Karelstroimekhanizatsiya» worked on such social and cultural projects as the Computer center “Key”, the Educational-Laboratory building of Petrozavodsk State University, the Church of the Great Martyr Panteleimon, the Pension capital fund of Republic Karelia, the Arbitration Court of Republic Karelia and many others.