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"We build life!"

The motto of ZAO Karelstroimechanization reflects the Company’s active social stand. Besides large-scale housing- and industrial construction assignments the Company raises and reconstructs social and cultural facilities: rural outpatient clinics, homes for elderly, school boarding houses, schools. Considering social responsibility of business to be one of the main principles of relationships with employees as well as with the society, the Company lends support to orphanages, creative teams, sports teams, gifted children, sponsors city and republican events and contests such as “Teacher of the year”, “Town for the children”, “Day of the town”
  • The Federal State Cultural Institution "State historical and architectural ethnographic culture preserve "Kizhi"

  • The Music Theatre

  • The Museum of Visual Arts

  • The creative team "Kantele"

  • The Orphanage №3

  • The State Educational Institution of RK "Special (correctional) boarding school of general education №22"

  • The Karelian branch of the Russian Children fund

  • The social organization "A child handicapped from childhood"

  • The social organization "Survivors of the siege of Leningrad"

  • The Karelian regional social organization "Kalina"

  • The Municipal Educational Institution "Secondary school of general education №33"

  • The National State University "Republican Center for National Cultures"

  • The Karelian Union for former prisoners of Finnish concentration camps