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Today ZAO Karelstroimechanization is the largest building organization in the Republic Karelia. It is the belief of Nikolay Ivanovich Makarov, General Director that the main term of ZAO Karelstroimechanization’s current leading position in the building sector in the Republic Karelia is a circumspect personnel and social policy of the Compnay.

The personnel policy of ZAO “KSM” is determined by the following principles:

Only people who share our values work in our company.

The personnel is the fundamental value of the Company. That is why the Company strives for keeping the personnel. We mean to maintain long-term relationships with our employees. We think that ensuring career development and change of activity within the company it is more effective than loosing relations and to again establish them with new people.

The Company does not decline the services of employees who do not have solid experience. We stake on young, promising, creative people, capable for quick professional growth. The company for its part tries to provide maximum comfortable conditions for the career advance of young employees.

ZAO “KSM” is a place worthy of a professional where he will have the opportunity to practice and improve his expertise and skills, that is grow together with the company.

We try to provide favorable conditions for onboarding. In doing this we are guided by the believe that the faster a person masters a new activity type, the sooner effective work may be expected from him.

Social policy of ZAO “KSM” is:
  • A collective agreement which significantly extends the guarantees established by the Labour code of RF;
  • Education of employees at various higher education institutions on a paying basis, for the most part at the expense of the company;
  • Annual advanced professional training of almost a fourth part of the company’s personnel;
  • Continual participation in the Presidential program for administrative personnel.

In 2005 a branch of the Construction Operations Management Chair of the Industrial and Civil Engineering Faculty (PGS) of Petrozavodsk State University was opened on the company’s basis. Now many students do practical training on the factory floor and receive personal scholarships.
  • Care for children and company’s veterans assistance
  • Sponsorship and beneficent aid to educational, cultural and sporting groups of the Republic Karelia.