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The Company’s history began on May 4th, 1963, when the trust ”Stroimechanization” was established.

In those days the Republic Karelia was going through an unprecedented building boom. The trust, being a group of consolidated companies, took part in in the construction of many republican facilities. The construction scale boggled the imagination: the building of the powerful enterprise “Tyazhbummash” was begun in Petrozavodsk and a new construction was started on the two first-rate pulp-and-paper plants – Kondopozhsky and Segezhsky.


In only two years time after its establishment the trust engaged 80% of all facilities raised under the aegis of “Glavsevzapstroy” into its own field of activity. The specialists and workers of the “Stroimechanization” trust operated on many construction sites: the sites of the integrated house building factory, of the wood-sawing furniture plant and the woodworking plant, of the machinery and repair plant belonging to “Karellesprom” enterprise, of the engineering structures plant, of the fish factory, of “Roskulttorg”, of the sand-lime brick factory etc. Already in 1965 the trust was given the first high award – the prize and the red challenge banner of the Ministry of Construction of RSFSR.


In five years “Stroimechanization” became the most powerful specialized organization of the Republic Karelia. Its joint fleet numbered 900 machines and mechanisms. In 1972 the trust achieved the first (but no the last) record: 102 facilities commissioned, and what is more, many of them were put into service before schedule. At the same time the technical revolution in the republic’s building industry was given a new momentum – the era of large-panel house-construction had begun. The contribution of the trust’s workers to the building of new residential communities is invaluable. The building of such communities as Kluchevaya, Kukkovka, Drevlyanka and partly Perevalka, in which practically half of the town took up residency, was furthered by “Stroimechanization” enterprise.


Perstroika and the transition to market economy made new demands on the enterprise. In the beginning of the 90-s the trust was reorganized into ZAO Karelstroimechanization with Nikolai Makarov as the General Director. A leader with great experience, he was able to approve himself as the trust’s manager. The year of 1995 already brought the first 15% of production increase to ZAO Karelstroimechanization. And that in the time when the whole country’s building industry was going through a severe crisis! By what means was such rapid progress possible? First of all, due to the understanding which came to the organization: in order to survive in the market world, it is necessary to considerably extend the field of action.


Today ZAO Karelstroimechanization is the largest building organization in the Republic Karelia, capable of performing the whole range of construction and assembling operations plus associated works and maintaining a high level of quality and reliability. There are all the resources for it, including an own modern construction fleet, high-technology equipment, a concrete products plant as well as a great positive working experience and highly skilled personnel.